Wes Burnette is a former NASCAR driver and independent team owner from Salem, VA. He competed in two Nationwide Series events in his career. He is also a graduate of Franklin County High School in Rocky Mount, Virginia.

The first came in 1986, when Burnette put the #36 BBC Racing/Blue Ridge Podiatry Pontiac 16th in the grid for the race at Road Atlanta. He ran a good race and came home with a respectable 22nd place finish, fifteen laps off the play.

Burnette returned in 1988, to compete at the race at Myrtle Beach. Burnette started in the 31st position, which was last place. However, Burnett did a good job at the tough bullring and came home with a 19th place finish, the better of his two starts. Unfortunately, Burnette and his co-owners split up and Burnette's sponsors dropped. Until this day, Burnette has not been back into Nascar.

Wes Burnette's Career Stats

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