Steve Seligman is a former NASCAR driver from Lake Forest, IL. He attempted at least fourNextel Cup Series events in the 1995 and 1996 season. Seligman tried, every time unsuccessfully, to make Cup races at Daytona and Atlanta in his #65 machine. But Seligman never made any race and has never made any major NASCAR start to his credit.

UPDATE: Seligman did run the 96 Winston Open and the Daytona Qualifiers. He started the 96 season in his family owned #65 ford. It was sponsored by West Rents and Mariani Leasing.File:Http://

Part way through the season he switched to drive the #57 Matco Tools sponsored chevy for Team III Motorsports and after one attempt with them, bought the team and switched it to Fords. He campaigned the car in a number of attempts in 96 with the Open being the only race he ran. He had qualified for the july Daytona race but was forced to withdraw the entry after blowing his only engine in practice. File:Http:// Scans/scan0004-3.jpg

In 1997, just as Seligman was loading up his car and prepping to head to Daytona, the police raided his property and seized the home, cars, hauler, everything. Their business was seized as well and he was charged, and convicted of trafficking cocaine.

One report claimed that certain sections of his racecar's frame and rollcage were hollowed out with cocaine inside. Other reports claimed it was a crew member that had set him up. Noone knows for sure.

Steve is supposedly going to be released sometime in 2010. No clue whether or not he will attempt to return to racing in any capacity.

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