Stanley Smith, born September 29, 1949 is a former NASCAR driver from Chelsea, AL. He competed in 28 Sprint Cup and 4 Nationwide Series events. Smith drove the #49 Ameritron Chevy for his family-owned team from 1991-1992 and then is when most of his starts came. He struggled mightily only earning a Cup career best 21st at Talladega in 1991. He was able to top that in a Busch Series event in 1992, when he finished 19th at Talladega. A Sprint Cup event in 1993 at Talladega would be his final start in NASCAR. Stats

Smith who wears a permanent eye patch, has been in his share of accidents. He was caught in a seven-car wreck early in the DieHard 500 at Talladega, Ala., on July 25, 1993 and his skull was cracked from ear to ear. Doctors had to block a major artery to keep him alive during the operation. He'll wear the patch for the rest of his life because his left eye doesn't move and probably never will. His peripheral vision is limited, but with special mirrors he is still able to drive." He was rumored in a truck ride that never materialized.

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