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Series: Elite Division, Southeast Series
AutoZone Southeast Logo
Formerly Known As: Auto Zone Elite Division - Southeast Series, Kodak Southeast Series, Hills Bros. All Pro Series, Gatorade All Pro Series, Slim Jim All Pro Series, Winston All Pro Series
Year Founded: 1991 (bought from Bob Harmon) Year Ended: 2006
Most Wins: Jeff Fultz (26) Most Championships: Jeff Fultz & Jody Ridley (3)
Season # Races Champion Point Cushion Driver With Most Wins
1991 20Jody Ridley +159 Two Drivers With Four Victories
1992 18Jody Ridley +1 Jeff Purvis (5)
1993 20Jody Ridley +134 Mike Cope (5)
1994 21Mike Cope +4 Bobby Gill (4)
1995 21Hal Goodson +35 Mike Cope (5)
1996 23Mike Cope +184 Two Drivers With Four Victories
1997 20Hal Goodson +2 Wayne Anderson (FL) (3)
1998 19Freddie Query +192 Freddie Query (9)
1999 16Wayne Anderson (FL) +150 Wayne Anderson (FL) (5)
2000 15Billy Bigley, Jr. +126 Wayne Anderson (FL) (5)
2001 16Wayne Anderson (FL) +82 Wayne Anderson (FL) (6)
2002 13Jeff Fultz +105 Two Drivers With Three Victories
2003 10Charlie Bradberry +17 Jeff Fultz (6)
2004 12Jeff Fultz +21 Jeff Fultz (5)
2005 12Jeff Fultz +12 Jeff Fultz (4)
2006 4J.R. Norris +5 J.R. Norris (2)

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