Robert Berrier is a former NASCAR driver from Winston-Salem, NC. He competed in two Sprint Cup Series events in his career and is related to several other NASCAR personalities.

Berrier debuted in 1961, racing at Bowman-Gray. The annual "International 200" was open to import cars as well as the Grand National stockers. Starting 17th in the field of twenty-three, Berrier's 1954 MG completed all but thirteen laps in route to a solid 13th place effort. Berrier won $110, and was the first import to finish the race.

Berrier's lone 1962 effort, coming again at Bowman-Gray, was one for the record books. Despite starting last in the "International 200", Berrier drove the same #32 MG to a 15th place finish. His $250 prize money included a $150 bonus for being the first import to cross the finish line.

For more than 44 years, Berrier stood as the last driver to finish a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in an import car, as well as being the last driver to score a top 15 finish in an import. (Smokey Cook started the same car in the 1963 Intl 200, but dropped out early).

Toyota Camry drivers ended up breaking Berrier's records in Feb. 2007. Dale Jarrett and Michael Waltrip were running at the finish in Daytona, while Brian Vickers finished 10th at California Speedway.

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