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April 8, 1989
Fin Driver
1 Bob Fox
2 Garrett Evans
3 Neal Newberry
4 Ken McMahon
5 John Dillon
6 Ken Stearns
7 Shirel Ogle
8 Ron Eaton
9 Tobey Butler
10 Pete Nash

The 1989-01 was a Northwest Tour event held at Track::Evergreen Speedway on April 8, 1989. It was the season opener. Bob Fox took the event, holding off a run by eventual season champ Garrett Evans. Track expert Neal Newberry finished third.

Race ReviewEdit

MONROE - Bob Fox , the stock-car racing veteran from Bremerton, last night opened the 1989 NASCAR Northwest Tour by winning a 100-lap event at Evergreen Speedway.

Before a crowd of 6,327, a record for an opening night at Evergreen, Fox took the lead for good on Lap 30, survived numerous hazards along the way and beat Garrett Evans and Neal Newberry to the finish.

The race for All-American-class cars was interrupted early and often by spins and collisions, none of which were serious. Thirty of the first 90 laps were run under yellow flag conditions. After that, the caution laps - and there were a lot more - were not counted so the final 10 laps could be run up to speed.

Fox, a former NASCAR Winston Racing Series West Coast champion, first was able to hold off Ron Eaton and then Evans in recording his sixth career NW Tour win.

Fox took the lead on the backstretch of lap 30 when he passed John Dillon of Caldwell, Idaho. Moments later, Eaton and Evans moved up to second and third.

Eaton, a two-time Tour champion from Tacoma, passed Fox in turn one while both were avoiding a spinning car on lap 56. But when they came around to the start-finish line, Fox was back in front.

Prior to a restart on Lap 90, it was speculated that Eaton would make his move. Instead, a malfunction forced him to fall back and Evans and Newberry moved moved up to second and third.

Neither, however, could seriously threaten Fox.

``It was pretty rough out there at first, but I got a good shot on the outside of Eaton so I figured I better go for it when I could, Fox said. ``Then I just never looked back.

He said he tried not let the tires cool off too much on the yellow flag laps ``because Ron and Garrett could out-horsepower me on the restarts. If I would have been stuck in second or third that's where I would have finished.

Evans said his effort at catching Fox was hampered after something broke in the front suspension when he went off turn 4 midway through the race.

``I wasn't really in a position to challenge as hard as I would have liked, Evans said . ``But all in all it wasn't a bad start for '89.

Newberry, a veteran from Wenatchee, said he was glad he was able to avoid all the wrecks.

Race DataEdit

Fast time - Garrett Evans, East Wenatchee, Pontiac, 17.124 seconds. A trophy dash - Bob Fox , Bremerton, Pontiac. B trophy dash - Pete Nash, Edmonds, Ford. Heat 1 - Martin Rosler, Seattle, Pontiac.

Heat 2 - Nash. Heat 3 - Kevin Hampton, Coronation, B.C., Buick. B main (top 2 advance to A main) - Doug Rutz, Port Coquitlam, B.C., Chevrolet;

Greg Biffle, Vancouver, Wash., Chevrolet. A main - 1. Bob Fox , Bremerton, Chevrolet. 2. Garrett Evans; 3. Neal Newberry, Wenatchee.

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