Series: NASCAR North Tour
Formerly Known As: Grand National North, Molson Tour, Stroh's Tour, Coors Tour
Year Founded: 1979 Year Ended: 1985 (taken over by ACT sanctioning body)
Most Wins: Robbie Crouch (38) Most Championships: Robbie Crouch, Dick McCabe & Beaver Dragon (2)
Season # Races Champion Point Cushion Driver With Most Wins
1979 27Beaver Dragon +80 Beaver Dragon (9)
1980 25Beaver Dragon +9 Mike Barry (7)
1981 27Dick McCabe +177 Dick McCabe (7)
1982 33Dick McCabe +191 Dick McCabe (8)
1983 27Robbie Crouch +47 Robbie Crouch (8)
1984 29Robbie Crouch +13 Jean-Paul Cabana (6)
1985 30Randy LaJoie N/A Robbie Crouch (9)
All-Time Wins List More Coming Soon

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