Series: Elite Division, Midwest Series
AutoZone Midwest Logo
Formerly Known As: Auto Zone Elite Division - Midwest Series, International Truck and Engine Midwest Series, RE/MAX Challenge Series, ARTGO Challenge Series (different sanctioning body)
Year Founded: 1998 (bought from ARTGO Championship Racing) Year Ended: 2006
Most Wins: Dick Trickle (68) - INCLUDES ARTGO STATISTICS Most Championships: Steve Carlson (9) - INCLUDES 4 ARTGO CHAMPIONSHIPS
Season # Races Champion Point Cushion Driver With Most Wins
1998 18Steve Carlson +2 Steve Carlson (6)
1999 16Brian Hoppe +8 Steve Carlson (7)
2000 16Steve Carlson +207 Steve Carlson (7)
2001 18Steve Carlson +179 Steve Carlson (8)
2002 14Steve Carlson +19 Brian Hoppe (5)
2003 11Steve Carlson +65 Two Drivers With Three
2004 13Justin Diercks +48 Justin Diercks (6)
2005 9Justin Diercks +59 Justin Diercks (3)
2006 6Tim Schendel +5 Dan Fredrickson (3)

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