Means Racing is a NASCAR team competeting in the Nationwide Series. They competed in the sport from the mid-1970s under the guidance of driver-owner Jimmy Means until 2005. The Sprint Cup program in Means' history ran from the mid seventies to 1993. Means never found much luck in his cars, only recording 17 top-tens in his years. He had various other drivers drive his #52 and later #53 (second R & D cars) but none measured any success as well. Means' team showed up again in 2001, when they began racing in the Nationwide Series with a number of drivers. However, none of them was consistent and by 2005, the team was making its last run. After a flip on lap three of the race at Dover by Donnie Neuenberger, the team closed up shop. However they reappeared in 2007 at Daytona with Neuenberger. They ran a part time schdule with Brad Teague and Kevin Lepage running some races. They seem to be running a full schedule in 2008 with Derrike Cope running most of the races with Neuenberger running at select races.

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