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Marc Madison is a former NASCAR driver. He competed in one Busch Series event in his career. That came in 1995, when Madison started 33rd in the field of thirty-six at IRP. Ignition problems past the midway point would force Madison to a 30th-place showing. Marc Has been racing for over 30 years and just recently was the 2006 Track Champion at Red River Speedway in Wichita Falls, Texas.


2006 Red River Speedway Track Champion

Personal InformationEdit


Place of Birth..........................Dallas,Texas


Hometown................................Irving, Texas



Children................................Mindy, Cassie, Cristina & Jeff

Career HighlightsEdit

  • Mid- Season Championship Sportsdrome Speedway 1975
  • Top Ten Points Championship Sportsdrome Speedway 1976, '77, '78 Buffalo Park Speedway 1976, '77, '78
  • Track Champion Sportsdrome Speedway 1979
  • Top Ten Points Championship Buffalo Park Speedway 1979
  • Broke 3 Track Records 1980
  • Top Ten Points Championship Sportsdrome Speedway 1980,'81,'82,'83
  • Voted Most Popular Driver in North Texas 1983
  • Top Ten Points Championship Devils Bowl Speedway 1985
  • Top Ten Points Championship TSCRA (Texas Sprint Car Racing Asso.)
  • Broke Track Record 85 Speedway 1986
  • Top Ten Points Championship 85 Speedway 1989
  • Top Ten Finish NASCAR Sportsman Race "Goodies 150" 1990 Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Top Ten Points Championship Boyd Raceway 1992
  • Top 20 NASCAR Winston Racing Series Boyd Raceway 1993
  • 1st NASCAR Busch Grand National Race Indianapolis Raceway Park 1995
  • UMP Modifieds for Guthrie Motorsports 1996 - 1997 Multiple Feature Wins at 85 Speedway
  • USA Modifieds for Guthrie Motorsports 1998 - 2003 Top Ten Devils Bowl Speedway
  • TAMS - Texas Asphalt Modified Series - 2004
  • Set Track Record At Redriver Speedway - 2004
  • Top Ten (3rd) Points Championship Red River Speedway 2005
  • 3 Feature Wins at RRS
  • Starred in TV Pilot "TEXAS MODIFIED" 2005
  • Asphalt Modified Champion at Red River Speedway 2006
  • 6 Feature Wins at RRS

8Starred in Cable TV show "Luv 4 Life" 2006

Won in These ClassesEdit

  • Asphalt Modifieds-
  • DIRT South Modifieds-
  • USA Modifieds-
  • UMP Modifieds-
  • IMCA Modifieds-
  • TSCRA Sprints-
  • Limited Modifieds-
  • NCRA Sprint Cars-
  • CRA Wingless Sprint Cars-
  • NASCAR Late Models-
  • NASCAR Winston Racing Series-
  • Legend Cars-
  • Figure 8 Stock Cars

History outside of NASCAREdit

1975 - Marc's first year to race, he won three out of the first four features he ran at Sportsdrome Speedway. He also won the Mid-Season Championship at Sportsdrome Speedway his first year.

1976, 1977, 1978 - He continued running every Friday night at Buffalo Park Speedway, Carrollton, Texas and every Saturday night at Sportsdrome Speedway, finishing in the Top Ten at each track all three years.

1979 - Marc showcased his remarkable versatility by winning the Figure ?8? Championship and also finishing in the Top Ten in the Modified Division at the same track, Sportsdrome Speedway, while finishing fourth in the points at Buffalo Park Speedway on Friday night in the same year.

1980 - Marc continued his weekend assault. He broke the track record at Sportsdrome Speedway three times that year in cars built and maintained by himself. Each time, he broke the record that he, himself, had set. Marc won a record 14 races in a row that year.

1981, 1982, 1983 - Marc turned his attention to running in the Modified Division full time. He ran in the Top Ten all three years never finishing lower than fifth in a feature race.

1983 - This year saw Marc drive his first Outlaw Sprint Car. He qualified in the top 1/3 of one hundred Sprint Cars at the World of Outlaw Spring Nationals at Devils Bowl Speedway, Mesquite, Texas his first time in a winged Sprint Car.

1984 - Marc ran Sprint Cars on a limited basis, but still finished the season a good note, winning the last 5 out of 8 races he ran at Devils Bowl Speedway.

1985 - Marc his first full season at Devil?s Bowl Speedway and with the Texas Sprint Car Racing Association (TSCRA), finishing in the Top Ten in both divisions. Marc also ran with United States Auto Club (USAC), Would of Outlaws (WoO) and the California Racing Association (CRA).

1986 - Marc drove for several different car owners during 1986. Winning several races around Texas in Sprint Cars as well as breaking the track record at 85 Speedway that still stands today.

1987, 1988 - Marc continued racing Outlaw Sprint Cars, winning races at such tracks as Devils Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas, Big H Speedway in Houston, Texas and I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, Arkansas.

1989 - Marc ran the Modified Division at 85 Speedway and at Cowtown Speedway in Ft. Worth, Texas. Marc was sidelined from racing at mid-season by a non-racing related accident that nearly cost him his life. Marc had accumulated enough wins and points to finish in the Top Ten that year, only running half a season.

1990 - Marc returned to racing, running multiple tracks in Texas, accumulating several victories. Early in the season Marc was given the opportunity to drive a NASCAR stock car. Marc left for Charlotte, North Carolina to begin testing. Marc qualified for his first race at Charlotte Motor Speedway and finished in the top 20 in his first Super Speedway race.

Marc went on to attend the Buck Baker Driving School and won high praise from both Buddy and Buck Baker.

Marc then attended the Motorsports Training Center in Mooresville, North Carolina to further his knowledge on chassis set ups.

1991 - Marc ran the NASCAR Sportsman Division running in 6 races at Super Speedways. Marc had 1 Top Ten, 5 Top Twenty finishes, qualifying and completing every race he entered, Marc gained valuable driving experience running at such speedways as Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, Georgia, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, North Carolina, North Carolina Motor Speedway, Rockingham, North Carolina and Richmond International Speedway, Richmond Virginia.

1992 - Marc again ran Late Model at Boyd Raceway running in the NASCAR Winston Racing Series. Marc finished high enough in the NASCAR Sunbelt Region to be invited to run in the 5th Annual NASCAR Winston Racing Series National Invitational Showdown at Volusia County Speedway in Florida.

1994 - Marc started the season driving a Sprint Car at Devil?s Bowl Speedway winning several races,

Later that year he was hired by JPS Racing to drive a NASCAR Busch car on a limited schedule for 1995. He started organizing and hiring for the team.

1995 - After getting the JPS Racing up and running, he qualified and ran his first NASCAR Busch Grand National race at Indy Raceway Park shown live on ESPN. Marc continued his learning experiences by running at Bristol, Myrtle Beach, Rockingham and Charlotte.

1996 - Saw Marc return to Texas and start driving an IMCA Modified for Jay Guthrie of Guthrie Motorsports. The Team was in Victory Lane on their second time out. Marc went on to win several races with Guthrie Motorsports at such tracks as 85 Speedway, Devils Bowl Speedway and North Texas Motor Speedway.

1997 - Marc continued his weekend assault for Guthrie Motorsports running for the NASCAR Region Championship at Cowtown Speedway in the NASCAR Grand American Modified Division and at Devils Bowl Speedway in the UMP Modifieds.

1997 - Marc also opened the First All Motorsports Restaurant & Bar in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

1998 - Running in 57 race at Devils Bowl Speedway, Marc finished in the top 5 twenty-seven times. Along with 2 wins for Guthrie Motorsports Marc finished 7th in the Championship points race at Devils Bowl. Marc also finished in the top 10% in the UMP Modified standings, which included over 2700 drivers across the country.

1999 - Running in 47 race at Devils Bowl Speedway, Marc finished in the top 5 seventeen times. Marc had 6 wins for Guthrie Motorsports driving the number 98 Modified.

2000 - Running in 47 race at Devils Bowl Speedway, Marc finished in the top 5 twenty one times. but only managed 1 win for Guthrie Motorsports driving the number 98 Modified.

2001 - Running in 52 race at Devils Bowl Speedway, Marc finished in the top 5 twenty four times. Marc managed 2 wins for Guthrie Motorsports driving the number 98 Modified. The team had switched to Big Bock Chevy engines in 2001.

2002 - Running in 39 race at Devils Bowl Speedway, Marc finished in the top 5 thirteen times. Marc only had 2 wins for Guthrie Motorsports driving the Big Block Chevy number 98 Modified.

2003 - Marc continued Running at Devils Bowl Speedway, Marc finished in the top 5 twelve times. Marc had 1 win for Guthrie Motorsports driving both the big block and small block number 98 Modifieds.

2004 - Time for a Big Change.2004 mark the beginning of going back to Asphalt Racing. After talking it over with Team owner Jay Guthrie, him and Marc decided to build 2 modified asphalt cars and race a 2 car team in 2004 with the TAMS Series and at Red River Speedway. Both Jay and Marc won a race each their first year driving asphalt modifieds at RRS.

2005 - Marc Begins his 30th year of driving race cars. For over 30 years Marc has raced and won races every year. This year brings Marc back to run Asphalt Modifieds for a second year. Marc won 3 Features & 7 Heat Race Wins at Red River Speedway finishing 3rd in the Championship Points Race at RRS. Marc was also starred in TV pilot "TEXAS MODIFIED" in 2005.

2006 - Marc again showcased his remarkable versatility by winning 6 Features as he won the Championship in the Smiley's Asphalt Modified Division at Red River Speedway. Marc now has won Championships both on dirt and asphalt. Marc was also feature in cable access show "Luv 4 Life" in 2006 that aired on cable TV in the Dallas-Ft.worth area.


Marc is very active in his local community and maintains great accessibility to local organizations. Valvoline has recruited Marc for their "No To Drugs" program and has been very pleased with the way Marc represents their company and products. Marc makes personal appearances at schools, churches, TV and Radio through out the racing season. Marc was also the Co-host of "RACETALK", a weekly radio show in Dallas. He has worked with the Texas Special Olympics and the Dallas Morning News in raising money at the Annual Dallas Morning News Celebrity Carnival.

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