Marc Goossens (November 30, 1969 - ) is a former NASCAR driver from Geel, Belguim. He competed in two Sprint Cup and one Nationwide Series event in his career.

Sprint Cup SeriesEdit

Goossens' Cup event came in 2006, when he raced at Watkins Glen. Starting 27th in the field, Goossens crashed early in the event and finished last (43rd). Goossens also race at Sonoma in 2007 for Riley-D'Hondt Motorsports. He started in 37th, but finished in 36th.

Nationwide SeriesEdit

His other NASCAR event was the Nationwide Series event held at Mexico City. Starting 6th in the forty-three car field, Goossens completed every lap, led two laps and drove to a solid 9th place finish.

External LinksEdit

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