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Jennifer Cobb racing at Homestead in 2004.

Keith Coleman Racing is a NASCAR Busch Series team. It fields the #23 Chevrolet driven by Brad Keselowski and Eduardo Troconis. The team was formed in 2004, and at the time bought the team's equipment from Holigan Racing and later from Bill Davis Racing.

KCR debuted in 2004 at the Mr. Goodcents 300 as the #26 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Driver Mark Green qualified 26th and finished 34th in the race after suffering engine failure. He would run four more races that year for KCR, his best finish being a 23rd at Atlanta Motor Speedway. In the season-closing Ford 300, Green failed to qualify the #26, but KCR was able to get an entry in, the #50 Vassarette machine piloted by Jennifer Jo Cobb. Unfortunately, Cobb crashed on the third lap of the race.

Despite her accident at Homestead, Cobb signed up to run the full 2005 Busch Series year with Coleman in the #26. Unfortunately, NASCAR did not approve of her running at all tracks. Coleman originally asked Christi Passmore to fill in for Cobb in the races NASCAR did not allow Cobb to run, but that fell apart. Because Vassarette insisted that they would only sponsor a car with a woman behind the wheel, KCR selected Shawna Robinson as the team's driver for the full season. When she did not finish higher than 27th, Coleman removed her from the car, and she and Vassarette left the team during the summer. Mark Green returned to the #23, with BMAR joining as sponsor. He ran 16 races that year with KCR, his best finish being an 11th at Talladega. Meanwhile, KCR began operating a second car, the #26, in addition to their current team.


Brad Keselowski at the helm

In June 2005, it was announced that Kim Crosby would drive the new car part-time, with Boudreaux's Butt Paste as sponsor. Crosby finished 28th in her KCR debut at the Winn-Dixie 250, and then 39th a few weeks later at Pikes Peak. Both drivers were released towards the end of the season. In 2006, Chris Wimmer began the season the #23 car, but was released after the Pepsi 300. Marc Mitchell took over at Phoenix, but crashed during practice, forcing the team to miss the race. Carl Long drove the car at the Federated Auto Parts 300 and had a best finish of 34th before he was released, and Keselowski is the team's current driver. He finished 37th in his series debut with the team at California. Eduardo Troconis is expected to drive their Busch Series car somepoint later in the season.[1]

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