Jason And Long Time Friend Laurie....


|BirthdateKnown=N |HometownKnown=Y |Hometown=Vancouver |State=WA |Country=United States of America |Biography=Jason Roche is a former NASCAR driver from Vancouver, WA. After his Local success for several years on the West Coast. He moved to North Carolina in 1995 where he built his Fabrication business SPEEDCRAFT. His client list is that of Fortune 500 Companies to NASCAR locals. SPEEDCRAFT is a full service Fabrication and Race Car prep facility. Roche' attempted one Craftsman Truck Series event in his career. That came in 1998, when Roche attempted to make the race at Portland. However, Due to Financial Burden of Stock Car Racing Roche' leased his equipment for the next few years and he was building his race team. In 2002 he teamed up with Dan Shaver of the PETRO EXPRESS Convenient store chain in Charlotte.

After Dan was diagnosed with aggressive Cancer the Partnership soon Disolved and Roche' moved on to Management in the sport and continued SPEEDCRAFT. It wasn't until a Vicious Car Accident in a 3rd World Country Of Honduras on the Island of Roatan nearly ended his life that gave him his toughest battle of his existence. Currently Jason Consults in several different levels of Stock Car Racing and Custom Street Rods plus Jason is also building Art Sculptures out of Metal and other interesting Materials. Look for his Artwork in the near Future. |NASCAREliteCareer=Y |NWSCareer=Y |NASCARDefunctCareer=Y |DashCareer=Y }}

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