J.T. Hayes is a former NASCAR driver from Corinth, MS. Hayes won many races in go-kart and sprint car competitions across the country. He competed in one NASCAR Winston Cup race,in 1990 for Donlavey Racing. Driving a car sponsored by his hometown, starting in the 38th position at what was then North Carolina Speedway, now known as Rockingham Speedway. Due to tranmission problems, on lap ten, he had to take a DNF, and placed last.

Hayes was born with a Disorder of Sexual Development, and had corrective surgery in March of 1992. She legally changed her name to Terri O'Connell. The former fashion model and Racing Champion is the author of a cutting edge, Tell-All, Five Star autobiography called Dangerous Curves, which was called the new benchmark for Southern autobiographies, by NYT's best selling author, Patrica Nell Warren. It is published by BookSurge. O'Connell who is also well known as a world class artist, also created the first apparel company for the female race fan called "Speedsters" in 1995. She runs her new Urban all original Apparel/Art Company "Dangerous Curves Society". Ms. O'Connell has been linked to many Hollywood celebs and national politicians both in business, and socially, which she details in her autobiography Dangerous Curves. Ms.O'Connell is making her racing comeback in 2011, developing a World Class all female driving team headed up by Dick Barbour Racing of Atlanta, Ga. Her driving stats and new press material are posted on her personal web site You can contact Terri on Facebook/Terri Leigh O'Connell, and follow her on Twitter, @goterrio

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Terri O'Connell is not a Transsexual or Transgender. She was born with both male and female DNA and biology. She had surgery to fix the biology in 1994, something she talks about extensively in her new memoir Dangerous Curves, which I've read. Her doctors are on record about her biological challenges. It's an amazing book, almost shocking. She also talks about how those T words got attached to her story and how it virtually destroyed her life. Her successful career is well documented with news articles posting her success and wins.There are a lot of high profile names scattered through out her memoir with one being a US Congressman. The fact that she lived in the NASCAR community doing business and dating several in the sport in total anonymity from her past life is just amazing. Kate Daniels 04:04, 14 November 2008 (UTC)Kate Daniels

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