Islip Speedway
Location Islip, New York
Time zone GMT-5
Opened 1947
Closed 1984
Major Events Grand National Series (now called Sprint Cup Series)
Circuit Length .2 mi (.32 km)
Turns 4

Islip Speedway was a .2-mile (320-meter) oval race track in Islip, New York that opened in 1947 and closed in 1984.[1][2] It is the smallest track ever to host NASCAR's Grand National Series (now the Sprint Cup Series).[3][4] Islip Speedway hosted these races from 1964 to 1971.[3][1] The first demolition derby took place at Islip Speedway in 1958;[5] the idea came from Larry Mendelson, who worked at Islip.[6] Islip was one of three auto race tracks on Long Island, along with Riverhead Raceway and Freeport Stadium (and a drag strip).[7] The only auto racing track that remains on Long Island is Riverhead Raceway, after Islip closed down.[2]

Demolition derbyEdit

Islip Speedway is credited with hosting the first demolition derby,[8] which took place in 1958.[5] Larry Mendelsohn came up with the idea after noticing that spectators enjoyed watching the cars crash.[6] However, there are alternative accounts to the origins of demolition derby. One source indicates that Don Basile invented the demolition derby at Carrell Speedway in 1947.[9] The ABC television show Wide World of Sports broadcasted demolition derbies that took place at Islip Speedway in the early 1960s.[10] This gave the event national attention and helped boost its popularity.[10]

NASCAR racingEdit

Islip Speedway hosted six NASCAR races from 1964 to 1971,[3] skipping the years 1969 and 1970.[1] Richard Petty won the last NASCAR race at Islip[11][1] by two laps.[12] Others who have won at Islip include Bobby Allison[4] and Billy Wade.[1] NASCAR stopped coming to Islip speedway when the organization axed all races shorter than 250 mi. from its schedule.[3]

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