Hal Goodson, born August 13, 1964 in Darlington, SC is a former NASCAR driver and 2 time Slim-Jim All Pro champion . He competed in nine Nationwide Series events in his career.

Four of the races came in 1990, when he made his debut at Myrtle Beach. He started that event 18th, but fell to 24th following an engine failure. He also crashed out of the event at New River Valley Speedway, finishing 23rd. Oddly, Goodson finished the other two races, but both results were below the races in which he failed to finish. He was 35th (Darlington) and 26th (Rockingham).

Two races were creditted to Goodson in 1991, and both were solid top-20 finishes. After starting 20th at Myrtle Beach, Goodson finished 18th. Then, at New River, Goodson started and finished the event in 16th.

1992 only meant one start for Goodson, and this time it came at Myrtle Beach. He earned his career best start of 14th. However, electrical issues forced him to finish 26th.

Goodson made another one-off appearance in 1999, continuing to race at Myrtle Beach. He started that race 26th, but fell to 33rd due to engine failures.

Goodson's final start came in 2001, when he made his Busch debut at Richmond. He started the event 27th, but once again did not finish the race. He was spun out midway through and fell to 39th in the rundown. Goodson has not raced since.

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