Freddie Fryar (February 15, 1936 - ) is a former NASCAR driver from Baton Rouge, LA. He competed in six Sprint Cup Series events in his career, earning one top-ten.

Fryar's debut came in 1956, when he competed at Montgomery. Starting 15th in the field of twenty-two, Fryar completed all but seventeen laps and was rewarded with a respectable 14th place finish.

Fryar's next race didn't go so well, returning to action in 1959 at Asheville-Weaverville Speedway. Starting 40th in the field of forty-one, Fryar lasted just fifty-three laps until a piston issue left him 39th.

Fryar again went into a hiatus, returning to action in 1961. Starting last (46th) on the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Fryar again found engine issues early in the event and managed a 31st place finish.

Luckily, Fryar found much more success when he came back to the sport the next time. Starting 9th at Talladega Superspeedway in 1970, Fryar completed all but six laps in the event to drive to a career-best 6th place finish. It was his only top-ten.

Finally, Fryar's last two races came in 1971, when the driver competed in the Speedweeks festivities at Daytona. Starting 17th in the Qualifier event, Fryar completed all but four laps in route to a 22nd place finish. That was just enough to squeeze into the famed Daytona 500, where Fryar had another fantastic race and finished 15th.

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