Excedrin is a headache medicine company that sponsored racecars in the Busch Series for a number of years.

It first appeared in 2000, when it sponsored Jason Keller's #57 Ppc Racing Chevy for the entire season. Despite finishing second in points, Excedrin moved to the #92 Herzog-Jackson Motorsports entry. It stayed on the team for two years before departing at the end of 2002.

Paint Schemes

    1. 57 Excedrin Chevy-2000
    2. 57 Excedrin PM Chevy-2000
    3. 92 Excedrin Chevy-2001-2002
    4. 92 Excedrin PM Chevy-2001-2002 Night
    5. 92 Chevy-2001 Late (Excedrin Charity)
    6. 92 Excedrin Cooling Pads-2001 Darlington2
    7. 92 Excedrin Quicktabs-2002 Late

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