Dan Daughtry (April 10, 1940 - February 17, 1998) was a NASCAR driver from Punta Gorda, FL. He competed in ten Nextel Cup Series events in his career, earning one top-ten.

Daughtry's debut came in 1974, when he competed in the prestigious Daytona 500. Starting 27th in the field of forty, Daughtry was involved with an early crash and finished a mediocre 28th. Unfortunately, Daughtry would DNF in his next five races as well, his lone bright spots being leading laps at Atlanta and Talladega Superpseedway. His best finish during that time was just a 29th at Charlotte, but when he returned there in the fall managed to finish the race and wound up as a result with a career-best 10th place finish.

Daughtry's other two races came in the 1975, when his DNF streak woefully continued. He only lasted three laps in the Daytona 500 before crashing to 38th and then only managed six laps at Talladega before another crash left him 46th.

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