Bill Hoff is a former NASCAR driver from Northampton, PA. He ran in the Nationwide Series on a limited schedule from 1996-2004. He mainly raced at tracks in the Northeast.

Nationwide Series CareerEdit

Hoff made his debut in 1996, running the #59 Chevy at New Hampshire. He started the race in 39th and finished 40th. He then returned to the fall race at Dover, repeating his New Hampshire feat with a 39th place start and 40th place finish. He did not complete either race and the longest he lasted in one was twelve laps at New Hampshire.

He would make one start in 1997. He started 34th and finished 35th at Nazareth. As he finished 35th, he earned quite an award for infamy. He became the only NASCAR driver to finish last in his first three starts.

Hoff's busiest season was in 2001. As the economy was in a recession, Hoff seized the opportunity to make the races that not a lot of teams showed up to, running nine races for his own #93 Hoff Racing team. He finished 41st in his first start of the year at Rockingham, not finishing as the last car despite only running twenty laps. Hoff would not finish any of his other starts, either. However, he did manage a best finish of 33rd at Watkins Glen. He also set his best career start of 38th at Gateway. Hoff finished 62nd in points, his best career showing.

Hoff scaled his schedule down to five races in 2002. His best run of the year was at Nazareth, where he managed 35th. He also matched his best career qualifying effort of 38th there. His other runs only managed 36th, 41st, 42nd and 43rd.

Hoff ran three races in 2003, running the first two for his own team. After a 34th at Nazareth, Hoff ran an eventual career-best 24th at New Hampshire. Despite not completing twenty of the laps, it was Hoff's first career race that he finish. Then, at Dover, Hoff ran a Bost Motorsports car. He started that race in an eventual career-best 28th before finishing 38th.

Hoff made two more starts in 2004. After finishing 37th at Nazareth and 35th at New Hampshire, Hoff shut down his team. This was due to increased competition and lack of funding. Hoff's career totalled twenty-two starts.

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