The late Ben Eyerly was a race car driver from Salem, Oregon. Known as “Benny Eyerly,” the hard charger was a winner in roadsters,hard tops, champ cars, midgets, sprints, stock cars and whatever else he got in. He competed in one NASCAR (Nextel Cup) event during his lengthy racing career. That occurred May 26, 1957 at Portland Speedway. Eyerly started and finished 21st, falling out after 41 of 150 laps when a wheel broke on his James Rush 1957 Rambler. Eyerly escaped injury finishing 21st, one spot ahead of Parnelli Jones, who would later win the Indianapolis 500.

In his later years, Eyerly became a noted engine builder. In 2003, John Duty won the Pacific Coast Dirt Late Model Series championship with an Eyerly-built engine and Jeremy Shank did the same in 2004. Stats

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