Barney McRae is a former NASCAR driver from Colchester, VT. He competed in six Nationwide Series events in his career, coming between 1990 and 1992.

McRae debuted in 1990, running the Motion Racing Buick at New Hampshire. Starting 44th in the large forty-six car field, McRae had a respectable race, falling eight laps down but finishing 23rd.

McRae increased his schedule to four races in 1991, though he never struck much success. He was able to set a career best 22nd place showing at Richmond and a career best 30th place start at Oxford Plains, but those numbers were underwhelming. He was able to complete three of the four races, falling out at Dover, where he finished 29th. He fell out of the sport for many years

McRae reappeared in 1998, running at Nazareth. Starting 40th in the field, McRae had a solid 27th place effort, eight laps down. However, it wasn't enough for him to keep up his NASCAR career, and he has not raced since.

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