Series: All-American Challenge Series
Formerly Known As: Winston All-American Challenge Series
Year Founded: 1984 (from the old Grand Am Stock Car Series) Year Ended: 1990 (merged into the Southeast All Pro Series)
Most Wins: Dave Mader, III (19) Most Championships: Dave Mader, III (4)
Season # Races Champion Point Cushion Driver With Most Wins
1984 14Mike Alexander +123 Mike Alexander (4)
1985 16Dave Mader, III +121 Mickey Gibbs (5)
1986 15Dave Mader, III +228 Two Drivers With Three Wins
1987 24Dave Mader, III +136 David Green (4)
1988 21Dave Mader, III +78 Dave Mader, III (8)
1989 16Stanley Smith +38 Stanley Smith (4)
1990 14Mike Garvey +3 Mike Garvey (3)
All-Time Wins List More Coming Soon

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