The 2004 Emerson Radio 250 was a Busch Series race that occured at Richmond International Raceway in September 2004. It was won by Robby Gordon and was his first career series victory.

Prior to RaceEdit

Race winner Robby Gordon in early 2004 used his new wealth he received off of his RCR Cup series ride, to start his own Busch series team, named TEAM Robby Gordon modeled after Cup series team RCR, and defunct TEAM Menard. Frank Kerr was his crew chief for a few races and RCR would provide engines. Fruit of the Loom Underclothes was the primary sponsor as well as Menard's, Coca-Cola and RCR Engines. In August 2004, Gordon announced that he did not expect to continue racing for RCR in 2005 after his poor 2004 Cup series season and decided to fund up Team Robby Gordon for the 2005 season. In late August 2004, Robby Gordon renamed his team Robby Gordon Motorsports and officially resigned from RCR.


2004 rookie, Kasey Kahne won the pole spot for the race and was the guy expected to win the race. Another Cup rookie, Kyle Busch was the second guy expected to win the race. Future winner, Robby Gordon qualified in third spot, in an upset qualification. Kasey Kahne started a streak of domination from lap 1. The first caution came out for a car pileup in turn 4 with Aaron Fike and Gus Wasson. The second caution was for Jason Keller's crash and the third found a brief red flag for an accident involving Michael Waltrip, Mark Martin and John Graham.

Kasey Kahne's domination streak went for a total of 152 laps when Kahne ran out of gas leading under a caution for debris from Tim Fedewa's #12 car. Casey Atwood who was expected to be the new Jeff Gordon for NASCAR, took the lead for a streak of flawless driving. Casey Atwood led 83 laps through 4 cautions. With 15 laps to go in the event, Casey Atwood found challenges from Martin Truex Jr. and Robby Gordon who had faster cars than Casey. Just 15 1/2 laps left in the event, Martin Truex Jr. tried to move under Casey but got contact. The contact led Robby Gordon to fly right by both Truex and Atwood. Robby Gordon led the rest of the race holding off Atwood and Truex to win his first NASCAR Busch series event in his self-owned #55 Fruit of the Loom chevy. Just like his 2001 Loudon Cup series win, R. Gordon's first NNS win was on an oval track and not at a road course.

As Gordon won, the fans all roared for the new winner in the Busch series. While Robby Gordon did donuts and gave a victory fist, Casey Atwood bumped Martin Truex Jr. to express displeasure for the contact with 15 laps left.

In victory circle, Robby Gordon gave his first NNS victory speech which went as: "I've wanted this for a long time but it came so quickly...this is really our 20th Busch series race. I...I cannot believe it. I must thank Frank Kerr, John Menard, Fruit of the Loom, Jim Beam and everybody on my #55 team, especially Richard Childress for providing us our engines. We would not be here without them."

When Robby was asked by reporter Jerry Punch if he was going to race the #55 team the next year for the Cup series Gordon replied "Well next year we are going to do at least 25 Busch series races...we may do a few in Cup but definitely we will try to go for a Busch series championship before our Cup operations...I cannot wait for next year. Really excited for it."

When Casey Atwood was interviewed he said "It sucks to lose this one like that. I wanted that win so bad...but congrats to Robby and that #55 team. They won it fair but Truex got me out of contention to win. I am disappointed in him but we'll move on hopefully."

The results were:

  1. Robby Gordon (Winner) (Robby Gordon)
  2. Casey Atwood (Terry Bradshaw)

  3. Martin Truex Jr. (Dale Earnhardt Inc)
  4. Jason Leffler (Gene Haas)
  5. Kyle Busch (Rick Hendrick)
  6. Mike Bliss (Joe Gibbs)
  7. Kevin Harvick (Richard Childress)
  8. David Stremme (Todd Braun)
  9. Kasey Kahne (Brad Akins)
 10. Johnny Sauter (Clarence Brewer)


  • This is Robby Gordon's only Busch series win if fans don't count the 2007 Montreal race that Gordon claims to this day that he won.
  • This is one of the rare races that found a road course driver winning on an oval.

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